Securing the Cloud: NCSC’s Practical Cybersecurity Guide for SMBs in the Online Era

The National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) of the UK has released a new guide aimed at helping small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) enhance their cybersecurity when using online services. Authored by Amelia H from the NCSC’s Economy and Society team, the guide, titled “Using online services safely,” is tailored for organizations without dedicated IT support. It simplifies existing cloud security guidance, focusing on practical advice for SMBs to secure their online operations and reduce the risk of cyber-attacks. This guide is especially pertinent as SMEs increasingly depend on cloud services, a trend accelerated by the shift to remote work post-pandemic. A government report highlights that 32% of UK businesses experienced a cybersecurity breach or attack in the past year, with the figure rising to 59% for medium businesses.

The 10-page guide covers various aspects in short detail:

  • Using online services safely
  • Choosing a good service
  • Back up your organization’s critical data
  • Protecting your public domain
  • Creating separate user accounts
  • Protecting your admin accounts
  • Defending your online accounts from malware
  • Use the security features built into the services
  • Recovering a hacked account or service.

These are great first steps that many companies aren’t even aware of, and most of this list does not cost the business much more money than they are already spending.

The Guide:


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